Does the RoseSkinCo IPL handset work for PCOS?

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Does the RoseSkinCo IPL handset work for PCOS? Does the RoseSkinCo IPL handset work for PCOS?

If you're a fan of a silky smooth, hairless body, then you're with good company. However, getting rid of unwanted hair growth can feel like an impossible task for those with a PCOS diagnosis, especially when you're competing against your own hormone imbalance. Thankfully, several methods are available (including using IPL devices like ours) for those who want to get rid of their excessive hair quickly and take back control.

We'll be breaking down why women with PCOS experience excessive hair growth and how they can achieve long-lasting results and regain their confidence. 

What is PCOS? 

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a health condition that affects 6%-12% of American women of reproductive age. It is caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones and is usually the most common issue for female infertility. As well as difficulty getting pregnant, PCOS symptoms can also include:

  • Weight gain
  • Irregular periods
  • Acne on the face, chest and back
  • Thinning hair
  • Excess hair growth on the face, chin, and other parts of the body would be unusual for women's hair growth.

PCOS and excess hair growth 

PCOS can look different to everyone. However, one of the most common and usually most frustrating elements of the condition is excessive hair growth, otherwise known as hirsutism. People with PCOS may experience hair growth on the face, neck, chin, back and torso. Hair is usually coarse, thick, and dark and can grow back rapidly.

Hirsutism is usually caused by increased levels of androgen in the reproductive system. While it is normal for women to be born with some amounts of androgen in their bodies, high levels of the hormone are typically found in men's bodies. Androgens are what usually causes male characteristics, including facial hair and acne.

How to get rid of excess hair growth 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear reason as to why people develop PCOS and why some people experience different symptoms. While excess hair is typical for women with PCOS, it is, unfortunately, one of the more distressing symptoms to live with. Doctors and medical professions will often suggest a patient make lifestyle changes to help manage PCOS symptoms, such as diet changes and exercise. In addition, some may consider taking medications to help alleviate the high production of androgens. While these will help treat PCOS symptoms in the long run, it can take several months and even years to see results. Thankfully, there are several other quick solutions for PCOS facial hair removal.


The most common hair removal method, and one of the most painless, is shaving. Shaving involves using a razor to shave off any unwanted hair anywhere in the body. While it is a popular option, shaving works best as a short-term solution for women with hirsutism. This is because people with hirsutism are more likely to experience rapid hair growth, which means they would need to shave more often, sometimes even daily. But, regular shaving leads to side effects such as skin irritation, discoloration, or even razor burns. It isn't usually the best option for women with PCOS.


Another standard method for hair removal is waxing. Although it is more painful than shaving, it does take longer for hair to grow back than shaving since it involves pulling hair follicles. However, regular waxing does also present similar side effects to shaving, such as skin irritation. Waxing can be done at home, but for many, the pain of ripping off hair isn't a pleasant experience, especially since waxing is only a temporary solution. 

Laser hair removal 

For long term hair removal, one of the most effective methods is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal uses light energy to eliminate hair follicles beneath the skin to help prevent any future hair growth. Several sessions will need to be conducted to work for the laser treatment to work, which can take up to six to eight weeks. While laser hair removal has proven to be effective in treating hirsutism, it can be expensive. Laser hair removal will be needed to be conducted by a trained professional at a clinic. For some people, it can be difficult to access if you don't live or work near the clinic, especially since you will need to have multiple visits. For most people, laser hair removal can also cause pain and discomfort during and after a session. 

IPL handsets

Like laser hair removal, IPL is another excellent solution to long-term hair removal. Using similar technology, IPL hair removal works by sending pulses of broad-spectrum light deep into the skin and is absorbed by pigmentation in each hair follicle. This energy heats the follicles and destroys the hair cells in the targeted area, preventing future hair growth. Again, multiple sessions will be needed in order to achieve permanent results. Women with PCOS will usually opt for IPL as it's a more affordable and comfortable alternative to laser hair removal. Unlike laser hair treatment, IPL devices (like the RoseSkinCo IPL handset) can be purchased and used at home. Laser hair removal treatment centres will often charge per session, while IPL devices will only a one-time payment for multiple uses. Users have also claimed that IPL devices are less likely to be painful than laser hair removal.


Our mission at RoseSkinCo is to make beauty simple, so you can spend more time on the things that matter most to you. We understand that living with PCOS can be difficult, especially when symptoms, like excess hair growth, affect your confidence. The RoseSkinCo IPL handset was created for anyone looking for long term solutions for hair removal, including those with PCOS and hirsutism. Our IPL device can be used on most parts of the body, including the face, chin, chest, torso, underarms, and wherever unwanted hair growth can be found. To learn more about how the RoseSkinCo IPL handset works, or read the 1000 customer reviews, visit our main product page here.