IPL Replacement Plug


All the power you need to make sure your IPL handset runs oh-so-smoothly.

Hey, buying a replacement plug for your Lumi or OG handset may not be the most fun purchase… but when being able to plug your device in means the difference between having ultra-soft hairless legs and still having to shave all the time, it’s super important!

Whether you left your plug in the hotel room on your girl’s trip (you KNEW you forgot something!!) or you’re the ultimate planner and want to order a plug that works on a different continent during your next vacay…

We got you covered.

(BTW, if you’re ordering an IPL hair removal handset for the first time, it’ll come with one plug included. No need to order this unless you’re looking for an extra!)

What’s Included?

One IPL Replacement Plug, compatible with both Lumi and OG IPL Handsets.(That’s all ya need, right?)

Shipping Details

We offer free shipping worldwide on all IPL Replacement Plug orders.

How to Use?

Plug your shiny new IPL Replacement Plug into your Lumi or OG device, plug the other side into the wall, then use as directed.

IPL Replacement Plug

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IPL Replacement Plug


IPL Replacement Plug Q&A

How does it work?

It’s simple – one side fits right into your OG or Lumi, and the other side goes into the wall. Plug it in and your device will be ready to use!

Do I need to buy this with my Lumi or OG?

Nope! (Unless you want an extra just in case!) All Lumi and OG purchases come with one plug included.

Will this work in my country?

Yes! We’ll send the appropriate plug for your country. No converter needed!

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