4 Mistakes To Never Make Before Laser Hair Removal

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4 Mistakes to Never Make before Laser Hair Removal RoseSkinCo 4 Mistakes to Never Make before Laser Hair Removal RoseSkinCo

I once read about a girl that felt laser hair removal played a mean joke on her. The thing is, the joke is actually on her. Why? Because she didn't follow laser hair removal instructions. If you don't play by the rules in life – you can't expect to win. And the game of laser hair removal is no different. Find out how to steer clear of the same mistakes so you end up with silky smooth skin.

1. Stay out of the sun

No really, that's it. It's as simple as that. Naturally tanning before and after any IPL laser hair removal treatments is a huge faux-pas. Ideally, you should avoid sun exposure within two weeks of each treatment. If you don't, the light from the "zap" will sizzle any pigment in your skin. This means if you are sunburned, or even just tanned, the recently darkened pigment isn't a good mix with laser hair removal treatment. It can cause sensitivity, hyper-pigmentation and at worst a slight burn.  

Yeah, no thanks. It's worth noting that if you've naturally tanned an area and try to "zap" it with a laser hair removal treatment at home, you'll smell a nasty scent of singe. Kinda like when you singe your hair, only it's your skin. Not good.

Don't worry, the good news is you can still go in the sun and see results from your at home laser hair removal device. Just be sure to wear SPF 50+ and if possible, try to cover the skin. Also, an at home device like RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal isn't as painful or intense as laser hair removal technology used in a clinic – this means the light isn't as intense therefore there is a little leeway (should you find yourself with a natural tan).

Finally, another good tip is to start laser hair removal of certain areas in winter. For example, it's good to do your legs in winter when they won't be exposed to the sunshine whereas an area like your armpits won't see much sunlight in the sunshine. 

2. Remove all fake tan and makeup

Strangely, this mistake is not highlighted enough. You cannot expect to see results from laser hair removal if your skin has a layer of fake tan or makeup. It's basically a low-key zap blocker that will stop your at home laser hair removal device from doing its job properly. Also, again, you will probably smell a slight eau de singe which will be both nasty to smell and feel.

3. Don't wear deodorant 

This is perhaps one of the easiest mistakes to make. Reaching for a slick or spray of deodorant after a shower is habitual, but it will play havoc with laser hair removal. Like the effect of wearing makeup or fake tan, you'll feel an uncomfortable or slightly painful feeling along with the nasty "singe" smell. This happens because the intense pulsed light isn't zapping your underarm skin, it's having direct contact with the deodorant on your skin. It's important to avoid doing this so the intense pulse light can work correctly, otherwise, you won't see the results you should see.

4. Make it a close shave

Now, this is a quick way to mess up your next at home laser hair removal treatment. Before you give yourself a treatment, you need to remove the hair. As per our instructions, you cannot wax or thread beforehand. You must shave and only shave. That's the first step. The second step is ensuring it's a close shave. Be sure to use a good sharp razor, shave safely but be sure to shave closely. 

Once you've done this, we recommend you start your treatment soon after. Why? Well, your skin will be as smooth as it can be which means our device can be as effective as possible. Any sort of regrowth or even light stubble will stop you from getting the desired results. Plus, if there is even the slightest spot of regrowth, you'll smell your hair singe. Expect to experience discomfort. 

Can I wear makeup or deodorant when I get laser hair removal? RoseSkinCo

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