How To Use The RoseSkinCo IPL Hair Removal Handset At Home

It’s no secret that we are inclined to take care of our well-being and beauty, and that we are willing to go great lengths to do so.

Hence, apart from the regular skincare/beauty products available on the market, the latest technology permits us to use devices created specifically for beauty, to make your whole routine as efficient and time-saving as possible.

For that reason created our mission to make your routines easier, we developed the RoseSkinCo IPL Hair Removal Handset for you to stay on top of your beauty routine, by saving time and accomplishing what you want with greater efficiency.

What Is The RoseSkinCo IPL Hair Removal Handset?


The RoseSkinCo IPL Hair Removal Handset is a wonderful, handheld device that works to eliminate hair thoroughly and permanently by utilizing a broad spectrum light targeted directly at unwanted hair, right at the comfort of your home (yes, there's no need for trips to spas to do the job anymore), and it’s painless too.

The melanin in the targeted hair absorbs the light, which in turn creates heat that destroys the hair starting from the roots, so the hair can shed naturally and effectively.

Using The RoseSkinCo IPL Hair Removal Handset

Using The RoseSkinCo IPL Hair Removal Handset

To get the desired result, its best to shave the targeted area before using, so the hair can absorb the pulsed light and shed more effectively.

Plug the gadget in and click the green flashing light to turn the device on. Click on the light again to select a level suitable to your tolerance level and direct the device to the area you want to target, aligning the device so the head fully covers the skin.

Press and hold the big button until you see a flash, and that’s when you’ve done one pulse. You can repeat the step on the other areas you want to target onto until you’re done (Keep holding the button as you move the device to use it more effectively, it should flash anytime you’ve placed it on a new area properly). Once you’ve finished, hold the green button to turn the device off and don’t forget to unplug it from the wall.

For first-timers, we highly recommend that you use the device once a week for the first 3 months for the skin to adapt to the routine. Afterward, you can use it once a month as needed. You can surely expect to see the result after a couple of treatments, where you’ll see the skin starts to get smooth and more hair starts to fall out. And yes, you can use the device almost anywhere on your body, including your face (just don’t get too close to the eyes). Being a small and conveniently sized device, you can use it as part of your whole body skincare routine conveniently.

After all, you only need to purchase this device for long-term usage; there’s no need for refills or replacements, the bulb should last you over 10 years!

We also recommend that you thoroughly read our FAQ section, to understand thoroughly how this handset works with your skin, and also to get the desired results that you always wanted.

The Roseskinco IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset Is What You Need, Trusted by Many

The RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset is the one device that you need to try out and have as part of your beauty routine. But rest assured that if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, we’re offering you to try it risk-free, with a 90-day money-back guarantee for a full refund.