RosaCare is no longer in business.

We (RoseSkinCo) have seized RosaCare domains due to a court order.


RosaCare has been selling a copycat, inferior IPL hair removal product. RoseSkinCo is in no way associated with RosaCare.


RosaCare has infringed on RoseSkinCo’s trademark and has been defrauding customers. We have taken legal action and have been granted a court order stating that RosaCare can no longer advertise or sell products.


RosaCare has also been ordered to transfer any infringing domain names to our possession, including,,, and (You can review that court order here.)


Going forward, this will eliminate confusion for anyone looking for an incredible at-home permanent hair removal solution (which you can find here on the real 


We’ve seen reports of RosaCare shipping defective devices and ghosting customers when they request a refund. (RosaCare LLC currently has a BBB rating of 1.14/5 stars.)


If you’re someone who has placed an order with RosaCare and is seeking a refund, we’re so sorry to hear that. We’ve been working hard to shut RosaCare down as soon as we were first made aware of this issue, and it breaks our heart to hear that they took advantage of you.


If you already have attempted to get in contact with RosaCare without success, we recommend filing a chargeback with your bank immediately to get your money back.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at While we are not affiliated with RosaCare in any way and therefore cannot process refunds for products bought on their site, we’d love to help you in any way we can.



The RoseSkinCo Team 💕



Are RosaCare and RoseSkinCo the same company?

No. RoseSkinCo is in no way affiliated with RosaCare. (We only seized this website URL as part of a court order ruling that RosaCare be shut down.)


How can I figure out if I ordered from RosaCare or RoseSkinCo?

We sell products exclusively through our online store at or Our billing name and the name that should appear on your bank statement should say “SP* ROSESKINCO”.


Why do RosaCare and RoseSkinCo look so similar?

It’s not a coincidence! RosaCare has been trying to mislead potential customers by using very similar branding to RoseSkinCo. We took this issue to court and succeeded in shutting them down due to their infringing on our copyright. RoseSkinCo is the real deal here.


How can I get my money back from RosaCare?

Since RosaCare’s customer service emails are no longer operational, it may not be possible to get in touch with them directly to request a refund. We recommend filing a chargeback with your bank or PayPal as soon as possible, especially if you never received a device as promised.


I checked and I DID order from RoseSkinCo, not RosaCare. Can I get a refund?

Yes! We offer a 90-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee on all genuine RoseSkinCo IPL devices purchased from If it doesn’t work for you, send it back and we’ll refund you in full. We also offer a 1-year warranty in case your device stops working for any reason. Reach out to us at to start the process.


Is RosaCare shut down for good?

We sure hope so – they’re under a court order to shut down and cease operations for good. But RosaCare hasn’t exactly obeyed the law in the past. So even going forward, use caution and make sure you’re purchasing a genuine RoseSkinCo IPL device from or

If you notice any instances of RosaCare popping back up, please report it immediately to so we can get their sites taken down and protect our customers.


Where can I see proof of the court order?

Here’s a link to the court order ruling that RosaCare be shut down.


How can I securely place an order from RoseSkinCo, NOT RosaCare?

Head to – that’s the only place RoseSkinCo products are sold.