How To Use a Facial Cleansing Brush & See Results How To Use a Facial Cleansing Brush & See Results


How To Use a Facial Cleansing Brush & See Results

June 30, 2022

6 min read

When it comes to our skin, we’ll do just about anything to achieve that perfect poreless finish. We go through dozens of products in search of the perfect routine to get that “celebrity glow.”

To be fair, that “glow” is like 50 percent FaceTune — but beauty tools definitely contribute to that “too good to be true” dolphin-smooth complexion. 

Facial cleansing brushes are definitely not new to the skincare scene, but you may have overlooked them in the past. Why buy a brush when my hands are free and right here, right?

Well, we have all the hot goss on facial cleansing brushes to show you why you may be asking the wrong questions. Whether you’ve never used one in your life or you’ve tested the waters, you may find a facial cleansing brush to be a worthwhile addition to your quest for dreamy, water-splashing-on-your-face commercial level skin. 

So, let’s go over all things facial brushes: what they are, how to use them, the skin types that love them, and what they can add to your daily routine. 

What’s a Facial Cleansing Brush?

Facial cleansing brushes are handheld devices that can be battery-operated or cable-charged. The motor services a motion head that can operate in circular, pulsing, or back-and-forth patterns to aid in deep cleaning your pores and removing dead skin. With several varieties, the brush head may host a soft bristle brush or an artificial silicone brush featuring small artificial silicone “bristles.”

Many of the facial cleansing brushes on the market are considered “sonic,” vibrating at 300 pulsations per second. They claim to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while deep cleansing. Many brands of facial cleansing brushes are equipped with a timed shut-off to make it easy to standardize your routine and ensure you never over- or under-wash your face.

How Do Facial Cleansing Brushes Work?

Arguably, cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. While it may do the job for some people, simply using your hands is usually not enough to cleanse your face of the dirt and grime accumulated throughout the day (especially for those who spend long hours outdoors or wearing heavy makeup). Don’t panic! 🚨 

We aren’t saying what you’re doing now is bad, but think of it as an electric toothbrush. A sonic brush simply enhances the clean and can get into all the difficult spots of build-up on your face, kind of like an electric toothbrush can for your teeth. Plus, it’ll shake loose the extra dirt that you don’t need (or want) living in your pores. 

After removing your makeup, be sure to wet your skin before going in with your facial cleansing brush. You can either apply your chosen cleanser directly to the brush or to your skin. Then, start your device. You can move it in soft, slow circles around your face to let the brush work its magic and scrub the cleanser deep into your skin until the timer tells you that you’re all done!

Why We Love Facial Cleansing Brushes

One of the best reasons to incorporate a facial cleansing brush into your daily routine is that it provides the benefits of exfoliation without having to add another product into your already perfected (or maybe already too long) daily menu of skin products. 

While there are many exfoliating products on the market, you might as well kill two birds with one stone and exfoliate while you cleanse. Just think of those precious extra ZZZs you can get in the morning because you merged two skincare steps. 😴 

(Also save yourself the money on getting hooked on an exfoliating toner that you have to keep rebuying… Wallet hack! 💵)

In addition to exfoliation, the rapid removal of dead skin cells promotes collagen production which leads to a tighten, more youthful complexion. It also eliminates dullness and uneven skin texture, as an added bonus. 

The deeper cleanse you receive also allows your other skincare products to penetrate the skin better. This is especially helpful in acne-prone skin not only by releasing clogged pores but also in helping prescribed or over-the-counter acne products work faster.

Lastly, we just love to feel pampered! We know skincare can feel like a chore but there is a reason we call it “self-care.” 

Skincare is at its best when you can be excited about your routine and enjoy how it makes you feel. Sonic facial brushes feel like a mini facial and we love to feel like we are giving a little extra love to our face 🧼

Facial Cleanse Like a Pro

Here are our tips for facial cleansing like a pro, so you can feel like you’re getting a spa-worthy pamper every time you do your evening skincare routine. (Don’t forget to tip yourself 20 percent!)

Skin Types

Sonic facial brushes have been reported as an awesome way for people with oily skin to reduce excess sebum. Most oily skin types will be able to use facial brushes frequently with little irritation. 

Users with extremely dry skin or highly sensitive skin may need to start by using their brush only two or three times per week to test how their skin reacts to these higher levels of exfoliation. Once accustomed to the routine, you can increase your usage as needed. 

As mentioned before, acne-prone skin will love the deeper cleanse. Still, keep a watchful eye and decrease usage during times of acne flare-ups. 

Brush Type

More or less, the brush you chose will be determined by personal preference and skin sensitivity. Dermatologists recommend opting for a silicone brush for your face as silicone tends to be less abrasive and can be antibacterial and hypoallergenic

Alternatively, bristle brushes may be better if you intend to use them on your chest and body since they can provide more intense exfoliation. 

Clean Your Cleanser (No, Seriously)

It may seem redundant, but you must wash and dry your brush thoroughly after every use to avoid a build-up of bacteria. 

After deep cleaning your face, you do not want all that dead skin and grime to stay packed in your bruhs (especially if you opt for a bristle brush). Silicone brushes are a little easier to keep dirt-free between washes. 

Only Brush at Night 

You might be super excited after purchasing a new skin gadget, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Just like any other exfoliator, moderation is key. 

Start with only using your sonic facial brush at night when you really need the extra cleanse (like all the day’s dirt and makeup build-up). In the morning, you can stick to a simple hand cleanse. Then, once you‘re used to how your skin reacts to the brush, you can up your usage to twice a day if you feel like it would be helpful.

Avoid the Eyes

If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it a hundred times: The eyes are very sensitive. Very!! Sensitive!! 

Though we love our sonic brushes, they are a little too rough for the incredibly delicate skin on and around our eyes. So, cleanse with caution, and try to avoid roughing up the eye area too much with your brush. 

Brush It Off

We absolutely love the luxurious vibe that facial cleansing brushes add to our nightly routine. But don’t just take our word for it. Many companies like RoseSkinCo, offer a variety of brushes so almost anyone can find the perfect style and strength for every skin type.

An ultrasonic facial cleansing brush may be just what you need to power up your nightly routine 💪


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